via “Letters To The Editor” –

Like Lois and Linda who wrote in last week, I have been a big fan of La Forge Casino Restaurant. For decades, Peter Crowley and his team, including Mike, Holly, Kay, Alberto, Brian, Dave, the summer staff from Ireland, et cetera, have welcomed me warmly and served me delicious food and drink.

I disagree, however, that the restaurant has taken a step backward. For me, several recent visits and meals confirm La Forge is better than ever, and I hadn’t thought that possible.

True, some walls are a bit bare, and I do miss the evocative photo of Jimmy Van Alen and Pancho Gonzales, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give the new owners time.

On the plus side, I see cheerful new awnings and signage. I see an appetizing, well-presented new menu. The food was excellent, the lobster bisque particularly good. Now there is daily breakfast. Finally, new owner Brendan O’Donnell (the Irish legacy remains) greeted me with personal warmth and genuine interest. In my opinion, Peter Crowley sold to the right man.

As always, one has Bellevue Avenue beauty, tranquility, and convenience. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it is hard to improve on a table within the Casino complex, Stanford White’s first commission and striking creation. This is America’s Wimbledon.

“21” in New York? It’s okay, but give me La Forge Casino in Newport, any day of the week.